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Accidents Happen

There is no doubt about it. Accidents happen to all of us.  I used to wait them out. My idea at the time was that my body knows how to heal. Be patient. My body just needs a little time to heal.

But wait! I learned an incredible healing technique that has saved me countless days of pain and agony after being injured. I use this technique all the time with unbelievable success. In the video below I explain what I do immediately after I am injured (which happens frequently when I work in my yard).

For more information about energy healing and Reiki in particular, get a free download of a PDF article that explains more about Reiki, offers stories of people who were healed using Reiki and, best of all, illustrates how to use Reiki to heal yourself.

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Touched by the Universe

Robert Rodgers PhD
Zero Point Healers
Olympia, Washington