Multidimensional Energy Healing

zero-point-energyZero Point Energy Healing

It is well documented that negative thoughts, emotions and traumatic childhood experiences that are trapped in the physical body and energy field are a fundamental cause of mental, emotional and physical disease. The effects of car accidents, surgical scars and other bodily injury also promote disease. Discover the possibilities through energy healing for living a healthier and more satisfying life by removing these anchors and allowing your full vitality and vast potential to emerge.

We believe that it is possible for every person to maintain a balanced state of health and wellness. We teach you to recognize your own amazing intuitive abilities in order to know with certainty the best choices to make in your life regarding health treatments, relationships, and all life choices.

Our focus is to provide options for persons who have not found solutions to their health problems through traditional medicine or psychotherapy. We therefore offer information on natural remedies for healing many health issues. Energy healing does indeed help to restore and maintain optimal health and re-vitalize your life force!

One thought on “Multidimensional Energy Healing

  1. I’m interested in learning more about ways to expand limits of my self limitation and surface unconscious beliefs which feed self doubt.

    I experienced a kundalini the morning of November 21st 2011 which came about during a stressful transition, divorce.

    This energy uncoiling was unlike I’d ever experience or have known about; since then it seems to have added another level of awareness and thought.

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