Reverse Gray Hair

It should be possible to reverse gray hair! I have always held the belief near and dear to my heart that the body always knows how to heal itself. This implies that none of the challenges most people expect as they age should occur (with the exception of certain gene mutations).

  • Wrinkles are not necessarily inevitable.
  • Flabby skin is not necessarily inevitable.
  • White hair is not necessarily inevitable.

My uncle Clark always had dark hair. Many people who live in Asia have dark hair. I have always wondered what needs to be replenished in the body to retain natural hair color and  have experimented with a variety of natural therapies that have offered the possibility of restoring hair color.

Two natural products have helped slow the loss of hair color over the years. I suspect they would have had a greater impact had I started using them earlier. They are:

  1. Vitamin B5 (panothenic acid)
  2. Molasses

I used both here and there with some success – but my hair continued to whiten one hair a day. This has  certainly been discouraging, especially.  I continue to hold the belief it is possible to reverse gray hair.

Six months ago I began using a new CBD hair restoration product introduced by a CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome). Of course,  as a new product there was no evidence one way or another as to whether their new product discovery would succeed in restoring my hair color.

What follows are a series of pictures I took of my hair since starting to use the CTFO hair products.  As you will readily observe, the pictures taken 6 months ago show much whiter hair than the pictures taken now:

December 19-18 Image of Robert’s Hair

February 9-2019 Image of Robert’s Hair 

March 4, 2019 Image of Robert’s Hair

April 6, 2019 Image of Robert’s Hair

For more information about the Four Step Plan for Hair Restoration I have been using, visit the CTFO website:

Clearly the process of restoration has been slow. But it is also evident to me that my hair has restored some of its natural color and continues to do so.

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