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Our ancestors discovered thousands of years ago that illness is healed by working with the human energy field. We restore the wisdom of our ancestors with a multidimensional approach to zero point energy healing.

Holistic Health and Wellness
What happens during a healing?
How will I feel during a healing?
How will I feel after a healing?
What should I do for myself after a healing?
How many healings will I need?
What are the benefits of multidimensional healing?
How much do healings cost?

Holistic Health and Wellness

Holistic health and wellness are conditions involving every aspect of your being – body, mind and spirit.  To be truly healthy and well means to be functioning at full capacity, every day, in all dimensions and aspects of your life and in your being, no matter what your age or your position in life.  Being healthy and well is about the experience of living in the center of your life, awash with positive supercharged energy, joy, peace, confidence, and freedom.  It’s about feeling your brilliant life force flowing through you, connecting you with everything that is positively alive and to everything and everyone that is desirable.

Attaining optimal holistic health and wellness involves your being motivated to find a new way to orient yourself on your journey in life.  It is a process of letting go of old, stagnant thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and opening yourself to your creative spark to break new ground in all areas of your life:  family, relationships, health, business, spirituality, and more.

Holistic health and wellness means not just that you don’t have complaints or a particular illness, but that you experience abundant energy and have clarity, purpose and have found your place in the world.  It’s about feeling vital and alive as well as excelling in everything in your life.

Zero Point Healers utilize their years of training, knowledge and experience to offer you specific and powerful means to guide and support you to holistically transform undesirable conditions in your life so that you may attain optimum health and well-being. Robert and Deborah work with you on all levels of your being (or multi-dimensionally) to guide, teach and support  you  during your personal transformation process. They combine various energy medicine and counseling techniques to help you obtain your goals.  They refer to this entire process as doing “healings.”

Our ancestors discovered thousands of years ago that illness is healed by working with the human energy field.

What happens during a healing?

After discussing your concerns, you will be asked to remove your shoes and lie fully clothed on a comfortable healing table. With your permission and with the utmost respect, Deborah and/or Robert will place their hands on your body, often beginning at your feet,working our way up your body to your knees, hips, abdomen, chest, neck and head as we clear, balance, repair and charge your energy field. You will usually lie comfortably on your back, and occasionally will you be asked to lie on your stomach for part of the healing. If you are unable to lie down, they will work with you sitting in a chair or, if you prefer, standing up. Pregnant women will need to lie on their sides.  Plenty of pillows and blankets are available to prop you up in any way that will make you comfortable and ready to relax for your healing.

Much of our work involves transmitting the frequencies of healing light your body needs out of our hands, eyes or with our voice or breath. Our work has a profound impact on you at the cellular level, touching deeply into the original source of your Divine Life Force so your pain can be released and your health and well-being enhanced.

How will I feel during a healing?

Each person’s experience is unique. However, most people sink very deeply into a relaxed and expanded state that is very pleasant and incredibly healing in itself. Some even fall asleep. This deep state enhances your ability to be in touch with your inner wisdom and intuitive abilities which are essential for problem-solving and finding new, positive answers to life’s questions. You are guided in this process, as you are taught to identify and utilize your own extra-sensory abilities, if that is your wish. You will likely have a different experience from one healing to the next. Be prepared to be delightfully surprised as you experience your incredible potential as you the depths of your unique self.

How will I feel after a healing?

You may feel energized, focused and centered  or you may feel tired and the need to rest. On rare occasions, people experience flu-like symptoms for a day or two – the body’s way of continuing to release blockages and toxins, similar to the experience many have after a deep massage. If you have experienced a particularly deep healing, you may experience symptoms for several days that are similar to what you would feel if you had a physical operation.

As the body, mind and spirit heal itself, any discomfort subsides as you begin to experience your own Divine Life Force moving through you in a completely new and enhanced way. You will experience positive changes in your behavior, your attitude and your life. Your healers will instruct you on how to care for yourself during this integration time. Be sure to call or email Robert or Deborah at any time if you have questions about anything related to your healing.

What should I do for myself after a healing?

  1. Drink a lot of clean, purified water. The body needs water to help cleanse itself.
  2. Relax and get plenty of rest.
  3. Take a detoxification bath using a cup of sea salt and a cup of baking soda in the bath water. The Epsom salts you can buy at the grocery store work fine, too.
  4. Ask your inner self what you need to take care of yourself.  Once you get the answer – give yourself what you need: healthy food, time alone, time with a loved one, a walk in the sunshine or rain, etc.
  5. Take a break from taking care of other people including your children, partners and parents.

How many sessions will I need?

The answer to this question depends on the goals you have set for your own health and healing. Our intention is to honor and address your goals, and together, we help you assess your progress.

Some issues are addressed with one session. Others require several. Some issues clearly require multiple sessions. Some people schedule sessions on a regular monthly basis because they benefit from the powerful and positive movement forward in their own health and well-being or want tutoring to further develop intuitive skills and abilities to use in their own professions.

Our goal is to honor and address the goals you have set for yourself to create joy, health and happiness in your life.

What are the benefits of hands-on healing?

  • Change counter-productive thinking.
  • Heal physical and emotional disease.
  • Relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Alleviate anxiety and depression.
  • Dissolve energetic blockages that cause illness.
  • Balance and clear energy fields.
  • Boost energy levels that are depleted.
  • Transform problematic family and relationship issues.
  • Resolve past traumatic experiences that continue to impact daily life.
  • Overcome life’s problems.
  • Manifest abundance
  • Relax very deeply.
  • Connect with your inner wisdom.
  • Avoid or recover from surgery more rapidly.
  • Expedite recovery from accidents or a fall.
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence.
  • Discover your intuitive abilities.
  • Connect with your higher source.

How Much Does a Healing Cost?

The cost of a Healing with Deborah Russell is $100 for 1 1/4 hours

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